Monday, April 2, 2012

More layouts...

Well, it's true. Today is my very last day of glorious spring break. I have enjoyed my 11 days of of work. I have completed a few sewing projects and some scrappy layouts. Most of all, I have enjoyed my time off enough that I am not dreading going back. I miss spending time with the kids and I miss hearing "Hi Mrs. Smith!" or "I can't wait to see you tomorrow!" I only have about a month left in this job and after that I only have about a month left of school. Hopefully I can secure a job for next year and have something to look forward to next school year!

But anyway, I finished 4 more 2 page layouts yesterday and I hope that I can whip out a few more tomorrow between going to the grocery store and doing a few things for my college classes.

The first layout is from Christmas that we had with my husband's family in January 2011. I just Winter Frolic for the title and kept everything pretty simple. My sister pointed out that I missed a word in my journaling so I need to fix that.

Next up is one from a weekend that we spend in Pittsburgh, PA with my hubby's cousin and his family. I used Nate's ABCs for the title and again--kept it simple. That seems to be my motto these days! I just feel like the bright papers make a big enough impact and I wouldn't even know what to add to it.

I also have a layout that I finished of a memorial football game that my husband, parts of our families and I went to in May 2011. It was a year to the day since his best friend was buried and it was a hard game for us to go to. He played on this semi-pro team and they dedicated a game to his honor and retired his number. Such a bittersweet moment.

I used All Sports, Lyrical Letters and Varsity Letter on this one. (Ignore the glare!)

And the last one is a cute layout of my niece! But I kind of feel like I messed it up. I cut the wrong letters on Pooh Font Set to go with the white backing, so then I figured I would just make them a little wonky and let them be more free. Then after I realized the 'a' and 'y' didn't match at all so I cut the other ones--some are thicker than others and it's kinda making me crazy! So now I have to decide if I want to redo them and just quit looking at them!

Regardless, I love the flow of the letters and the great colors on the page! I walked around Archiver's like 4 times looking for the perfect purple to match my niece's shirt--didn't find anything and the lady who worked there didn't see anything either. Well, it was driving my friend crazy so she went out and--bam--came back 2 minutes later with the perfect paper that was on the back of blue and orange puzzle pieces! Awesome!

Goal for my last day of freedom: 4 more layouts finished and in the book! Go me!


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