Monday, November 28, 2011

2 Posts in 2 Days. No Way.

Only 16 more school days til Christmas break! I finished 2 more layouts since my post yesterday so I thought I'd do a quick post before bed.

First is a simple, simple layout of my beautiful family at our Easter Egg Hunt on May 1, 2011. As I said yesterday, my grandpa passed away and this is one of the last pictures (we have one more from Halloween) we have altogether so I cherish them so much.

I cut some banner pieces and used the Sew Easy to stitch them on and added the letters to spell out family. I added simple journaling strip and a big brad with a butterfly on it. I didn't want to clutter up the layout because the pictures are have so much going on.
Quick close up of the little banner. I love the stitching on it!

The last one for today is from my nephew's 4th birthday party. I made his cupcake racecar complete with a fondant Mario (that baby took several hours as it was the first thing I have ever made out of fondant!) and we had a great time at his party.

Another banner cut from Birthday Bash. It seems that I do a lot of banners. Fortunately I don't scrap chronological so they don't appear together in my book. The title is Party Time which is imposssible to read in this picture and the banner has his name on it. I used Birthday Celebration from DCWV and I love the paper--so bright and cheerful!

That's all for today! I have a half a box of pictures and I just printed 407 more--which catches me up to current and that never happens! I can't wait to see my new pics and do a layout featuring my handsomely adorable new baby nephew, Dexter, who was born in October!

Until next time...Happy Scrapping!

Sunday, November 27, 2011

Life. Wow.

My life has been insane for a few weeks. After a month in the hospital, my beloved Papa James passed away. He was a wonderful man and the center of our family and it was very difficult to lose him. He means the world to me and will forever remain in my happiest memories. Between that and Thanksgiving/Black Friday craziness, I have not had any time to just relax and scrap. I am greatly enjoying my long weekend off of school and already counting down the days til Christmas break! 17...

I have two cute layouts of my niece to share today. I have gotten into the bad habit of starting layouts by doing the background papers and putting down the pictures, then I stop and work on a different one. I have several that need finished and I just might get to them some day soon!

First, I have a funny "had-to-be-there" moment of my silly niece. She was 'drawing' her face on the coloring book pages. Basically she was trying to trace her nose, ears, eyes, mouth and face on the page and it was soooooo funny!
The title is a quote that she said she was drawing. Hilarious!

I used some Stickles to accent the title and the crayons, which we cut from Makin' the Grade.
I also have one more from when she first got her new trampoline. I used paper from the DCWV Playtime stack. I love how the kraft paper looks with the prints.
I only used Birthday Cakes for the font. I didn't make any other cuts because I just couldn't think of what I might embellish with. I am a person that has to use something that directly relates to the photos and nothing I had worked so I did nothing! I have already used the trampoline cut on another layout so I didn't want to use it again so soon. I still really like how it turned out. Kira is just soooo sooo cute!
Last day off tomorrow...I am going to watch lotsa football, do some layouts and make some pizza.

Sunday, November 13, 2011

Layouts featuring the gorgeous Kira!

It seems that I have been picking layouts of my niece to do lately. I finished up two of them today after a visit from her, my nephew and my sister. (This is still Saturday for me since I haven't been to bed yet--hopefully I will finish up a few more tomorrow.)

First, I have one from when her and I went to the ice cream factory/park to get a yummy cone and play on the playground. We went after we picked strawberries and she got strawberry ice cream! I adore the picture of her with her head sticking through ice cream cutout. How cute is that kid???

I used Birthday Bash for the word "ice cream" and the triangles for the banner (it has the best banner shapes), Lyrical Letters for the other words and Simply Charmed for the ice cream cone. I think it turned out so cute and we had a wonderful time!

I also have a layout of Kira's first trip to Build-a-Bear. We went while we were in Pittsburgh so she got a Steelers cheer bear. We had so much fun. I was sad because I only had my "junk" camera with me (my little point and shoot instead of my good Canon Rebel) so the pictures are the greatest.

I used Sugar and Sweet and Everyday Paper Dolls for the bear and Base Camp for the font. All of those paper strips were a pain to cut out and this stinking layout took me forever!
I almost finished another one but I need to get more flesh colored paper before I can. This has been a relaxing weekend and I can't wait to spend tomorrow doing more crafting and watching football!

Wednesday, November 9, 2011

Such a tater head!

Because I share the laptop that has Design Studio on it with my hubby and he really enjoys watching every second of his fantasy football updates on Sunday, I haven't gotten many layouts completed. I have about 4 of them on the cardstock with their accent papers--I just need to title and embellish. Hopefully soon, I will have a bunch more to add, but for today I have one.

This layout is of my niece playing with a Mrs. Potato Head toy that my hubby and I got for her. She was so intent with it for a while and I love how the pictures look. The funniest thing to me is that she is wearing a Happy Birthday to Me shirt and the pictures were taken a month before her birthday--guess she was trying to get everyone pumped up early! :)

I used Toy Story for the cuts of the Mr. and Mrs. Potato Head and for the words "Potato Head." It's hard to see in this picture but the title is actually "Little Miss Potato Head." I used some twine and a few buttons to finish it up. I really love how the colors of the paper compliment her shirt.

Here is a closeup of the title block that shows the title a little better. You can see it fine in person--not sure why a picture makes it look so weird!

So that's that for today. I think we have plans to stay home all weekend so hopefully I can finish up some of the layouts that I have started!