Wednesday, August 24, 2011

School is Back...

Well, as much as I want to have some alone time with Cricky, but there are enough hours in the day and I am just too tired when I get home. I haven't gotten in the flow yet! I did cut some words and basic shapes for some bulletin boards, but nothing too fancy.

However, I do have some layouts that I finished up before school year started and I am going to share them today.

I have another two page layout of my sister-in-laws wedding. I realized in doing this layout that I don't have very much (any) light yellow paper. This piece was it! I used Sweethearts for the roses and the rings.

I also have a one page layout from Christmas Eve. We go over to my hubby's parents' house and hang out. Last year, our niece went with us and we had a great time! I used Winter Frolic for this one.
I have to get some more pictures printed since I should have some crafty times on the weekends.

Tuesday, August 16, 2011

4 Layouts Closer...

I seemed to have lost my motivation to finish up my layouts. I have only done a few in the last couple of days and they aren't very detailed. I thought I would go ahead and share them now.

The first is a fishing layout from last August. My niece kissed a fish and that inspired the layout title. I used Everyday Paper Dolls for the fish.

Next, I have a simple layout of my nephew at his daycare Christmas program. He was not interested in singing and made the grumpiest faces all throughout the program. It was sooo fun to watch! I used Jolly Holidays for the elf and the hat.

My sister-in-law (hubby's sister) got married in December in a very intimate ceremony (only 6 people there with the bride and groom--and the preacher and the photographer) so I have tons of good pictures from that day. I haven't finished most of them but I have one today of me, my hubby, my sis-in-law and my new bro-in-law in some goofy pictures. We live really close to each other and spend a lot of time hanging out. I can not remember what cartridge I used for the heart border but I do really like the simplicity of the layout.

And finally for today, I have the last layout of my pumpkin patch pictures. This one uses the same papers that were used in the other layouts that I have previously posted. The pumpkins came from Create a Critter.
I have everything scrapped for 2010 through December--just have to finish the wedding, Christmas and New Years Eve!!!

Sunday, August 14, 2011

A Few Layouts Closer

I just might finish up the pictures I have printed before I go back to school! I think I have about 8 pages left and four more days...that's my challenge.

Here are some that I have been working on lately!

This goes with the other Spongebob page that I did so this one has no title and no journaling because it's on the other one.

Next is one from my extended family's Christmas get-together. We don't do presents or anything so it was kind of hard for me to come up with something. I used Winter Frolic for the big tree and the title.
I just love the next page! My hubby got a new robe on Black Friday and my niece loved it so we decided to get her a monkey robe, which we gave to her on Christmas Eve. Here she is modeling it! I used Create a Critter for the monkeys and vines.

And finally, for today, I have a special layout that I did of my hubby and our niece. It's quite simple and I still want to put something in the middle--I just haven't found the perfect thing yet!!!

I have a few more that I am going to share soon! Thanks for looking!

Saturday, August 13, 2011

My Pink Stamper Challenge

As part of the blog hop, My Pink Stamper has a challenge to create a project in your style. Well, my style is multi-photo, collage style layouts with little embellishments. I like to focus on my pictures and let them have all of the emphasis on the page.

So, here it is! I made 2 2 page layouts for my family's trip to the pumpkin patch. Well, I typically call it the 'punkin' patch so that's the title of my layout. I used Create a Critter for the random pumpkins, but I hid the smiley face. I also used the Sew Easy to make a scalloped border...which is my favorite part of this layout.

The second set of pages focus on when the kids actually picked out their pumpkin. The kids on the bottom of the left page are my nephews and niece (Preston, Kira and Reese.) We had such a wonderful time that day--so much that I still have to do 2 more pages for all of the great photos!
Thanks for checking them out! I hope you enjoy my style!

Wednesday, August 10, 2011

4 More Layouts!

I am just chugging along on my 2010 book. I think I will get it all finished before 2011 is over but I'm not too sure. I have made amazing progress this summer and I am just so excited with how it is turning out!

Today I have four more layouts to share that I have finished over the last few days.

This one is really simple. It's super hard to see the title on the left side in this picture but it stands out a lot more in real life. I used Feeling Groovy on the title and for that funky shape above it.

Last summer, I took my niece over to visit my nephew (they are not related) and they had sooooo much fun cruising round and round the yard in his awesome orange racecar. My niece practiced her princess wave the whole time! I used Boys Will Be Boys for everything.
I made this next layout with Hello Kitty Greetings--a cartridge that I was desperate to have and have barely used it! Today I made twin little cheerleaders to go with the twins in the pictures!
  I love the little Hello Kitty's! And I really love the flip shape so they can mirror each other!
And finally, I have half of the layouts done from my nephew's (a different nephew than above!) 3rd birthday party. He did the Spongebob theme so I painstackingly pieced together a Spongebob tonight. It wasn't so bad since I cut him at about 6 inches and I love how this layout turned out.

T-minus-9 days til I go back to work!

Monday, August 8, 2011

4th of July Cookout

Before the layout, I have something yummy to share! Oatmeal cookies with homemade peanut butter buttercream sandwiched in between! Yum!!

Now for the scrappy stuff,

I usually don't do scene type scrapbook layouts but I got inspired by a sketch at Sketch Support and thought I'd give it a try! I used Block Party for almost everything and I also used Create a Critter for the clouds and the sun. I am pretty pleased with how it came out; I tried to put stuff on the picnic table but it just didn't seem to look right--how do people do that and make it work??? That would explain my random floating ear of corn!

 I used my white pen to faux stitch around everything! For some reason I just really like how that white pen makes an image pop!!!

Thanks for looking! This one took a long time to finish so I better get moving on some more today!

Saturday, August 6, 2011

Scrappy time is ticking away...

I go back to work in 13 days...I am doing a long-term substitute position in 5th grade intervention so my non-stop scrappy time is slowly ticking away. I wanted to have 2010 done before I went back but I still have about 35 pages left and I just don't think I can do it! Anyway, here are some pages that I have been working on lately.

Here are a few pictures from a shopping trip that I got to take with my Florida nieces last year. They had such a good time trying on all of the clothes. I used Forever Young for the model and the title (which is a lot easier to read in real life).

Well, I'm not exactly happy with how this one turned out but I used Sports Mania.
My hubby and I got to a Columbus Blue Jackets game last year and sit 6 rows from the ice. It was soooo much fun, even for someone who doesn't even follow hockey. I used Sports Mania for the layout.

I made this layout of a few pictures of me and my hubby after his sister's wedding in December. I used Sweethearts for this one and I love how it turned out. Rarely do we have any pictures of us that aren't self-portraits so I was sooo happy to get a few that turned out good!

With these last two layouts, I have finished all of the football games of my cousin. Of course, I used Sports Mania (it has been getting a workout lately!).

Now I have two different layouts for the playground. I used Locker Talk, Bloom and Give a Hoot on them. They are soooo different but both super cute!

And finally, I have my favorite one that I have made lately. It's from carving pumpkins with my niece and nephew last year. I used paper from DCWV Ghosts and Goblins that just came out--it's just perfect and I love it! I also used Happy Hauntings for the little jack-o-lanterns. I also used the Sew Easy to stitch on my banner.

That's it for the day! I should definitely update more often so I don't have to post 10 layouts at a time!!!