Wednesday, August 24, 2011

School is Back...

Well, as much as I want to have some alone time with Cricky, but there are enough hours in the day and I am just too tired when I get home. I haven't gotten in the flow yet! I did cut some words and basic shapes for some bulletin boards, but nothing too fancy.

However, I do have some layouts that I finished up before school year started and I am going to share them today.

I have another two page layout of my sister-in-laws wedding. I realized in doing this layout that I don't have very much (any) light yellow paper. This piece was it! I used Sweethearts for the roses and the rings.

I also have a one page layout from Christmas Eve. We go over to my hubby's parents' house and hang out. Last year, our niece went with us and we had a great time! I used Winter Frolic for this one.
I have to get some more pictures printed since I should have some crafty times on the weekends.


  1. Adorable layouts-really like the yellow and red colors for the wedding LO. Very nice!--Pat N.