Friday, June 22, 2012

More Layouts

Here are a few more layouts that I finished this week.

This layout just makes me smile. I do love my hubby! These are a few pictures of him last summer enjoying a cigar and a beer in the yard! Sometimes a man just needs a few minutes alone!
A cute layout of me and my niece. We hardly have any candid pictures together as I am the photographer of the family, thus leaving me behind the camera or in self-portraits or cheesing it up for someone!

This layout is from a great prize that I won from Sketch Support a few months ago. I won the big prize on one of their blog hops and I love how the pictures from our family egg hunt look on it!

And finally, a cute one-pager of a little egg hunt we had for my niece on actual Easter. We hid (twice) a dozen eggs on the back porch for her to find. It was a lot of fun for all of us. I even used my Sew Ribbon (the green scallops at the bottom)! I love it and I am gonna have to use it more often!

Will I get 2011 done this summer? Hmmmm...

Thursday, June 21, 2012

Summer Success

I am just a scrapping/sewing fool in the last few days. I typically layout a bunch of pages at once then I go back through and title and embellish them as needed. To me, every layout needs a title, a date and some journaling. I don't always put additional stuff on it. Even though I have tons of ribbons, twine, punches, buttons and brads--I am just a simple scrapper!

How cute is this layout? I used my new Fast Food cartridge for the playground cut. I, for the life of me, could not figure out why there was a playground on that cartridge--however, my hubby, who is a genius sometimes, mentioned play lands at fast food places and it seemed so obvious!

I wouldn't call this one my favorite. I love the pictures, but I'm not crazy about the rest! But whatever...I used Recess to make the crayons look like chalk and called it done.

This is a simple one from a girls night that we had at my mom's last year.

Another simple one when my silly niece and nephew came over for a little bit. Just titled, journaled and dated this one!

How cute is my little lady? I adore spending time with my niece, even when she screams til she pukes! But we got it together to draw pictures and make pizza! I used a brad for the crayon and used Fast Food for the pizza.

More tomorrow...

Wednesday, June 20, 2012

4th of July Ruffle Skirt

4th of July is fast becoming one of my favorite holidays! I love watching fireworks with my family and I insist that everyone wears red, white and blue--well atleast the kids! So to ensure that I bought my niece the traditional flag tank top from Old Navy and bought some fabric to make her a ruffle skirt.
Whatcha think???? It's not perfect--I can't really cut straight so some of my ruffles are longer than the others and you can see the navy blue underskirt in a few spots--however, when my niece is flouncing around in it watching fireworks and playing with sparklers, noone will care! I had to stinking remove stitches in several spots while sewing this skirt because I caught the underskirt or another ruffle when sewing. Grrr! I was so angry!
I can't wait to try it on my niece and make sure it fits! The last skirt that I made her was a little big and she has a huge problem if the skirt is pulled up to her belly button so I want to make sure this one is perfect, even if it means picking some more stitches to shorten the elastic!
I got all of my fabric on sale and I only had to use a small section of it for each ruffle--I could probably make 3 more skirts if I wanted to!

Speaking of that other cute is this little lady wearing my beautiful creation!
Oh, how I adore her!

Saturday, June 9, 2012

More layouts

I went to my friend's house the other day for some scrappy time. I planned to embellish the layouts that I already had laid out. I managed to get a few done...not enough for the six hours that I scrapped.

I love these pictures from a big birthday party that we had for my niece...too bad I couldn't get the edit to save so the layout would be closer!

This is also from that same birthday party. I used a hamburger from Block Party on this one.

Love this one of my darling little neffie when he was a week old--he is 8 months old now and I am so looking forward to snuggling him next week when he comes to spend a few nights with us! I used the monkey from Create a Critter. I wish the title stood out more, but otherwise I love it.

This layout goes with another 2 pager from that day. Love the bright colors and how the layout came together. Also used Create a Critter for the snake.

This is the second layout from our Boo at the Zoo trip. I couldn't narrow down our pictures and had to use tons of them! I cut the witch from Happy Hauntings and the title block was a chipboard sticker from a set that I got for uber cheap at Walmart after Halloween.

Oh my gosh, look how adorable these kids are!!! My nephew and niece were so helpful with their new baby brother when he was born! I love the candid pictures of them playing and feeding little Dexter.

This one I actually finished at home because I was waiting on my new Recess cartridge. I deeply wanted to use the little kid on the slide on this one! We spend a lot of time at this park so it's kinda hard to think of new embellishments. I made the little kid on the slide into a girl by using hair from Everyday Paper Dolls and I think it turned out really well!

Well, what do you think? I hope to finish up 2011 before this summer is over...don't know how I am going to do it and get some sewing done as well! But I sure am going to have fun trying!

Friday, June 8, 2012

Tball 2011...Finished!

Finally, I have finished all nine layouts for the 2011 tball season. My nephew was a great player and we loved being able to watch every game. (Don't tell anyone that we are already 6 games into the 2012 season!)

This layout is from the last game. I used some great sports kraft paper on this one and I love how it turned out. I used half of a sketch from a Sketch Support book. Those books have helped me so much! My layouts all kinda looked the same before I discovered them! I handcut the banner pieces in different sizes and cut the title from Sports Mania

I cut the title for this one from Sports Mania, as well. I have used this baseball paper throughout the whole season and I still have some left! Talk about thrifty!

I adore how this one came out! I cut the title banner from a piece of paper out of a sports stack. I just love everything about it--it just makes me smile!

I just adore summer. I get so much done.

Thursday, June 7, 2012

I'm on a roll...

I have a whole bunch of layouts that just need finished. For some reason, I prefer to do the layouts and I don't like to embellish. Sometimes I do but I think I like the challenge of fitting my zillions of pictures on a layout!

Here are a few that I finally finished up!

I finally used 3 Birds on Parade and I love the little swimmy bird! Love the bright colors with the water pictures. I wish my picture wasn't so dark and with a glare, but it'll do!

I love this title! My niece has developed a love for the "polder" bears at the zoo, just like her auntie. One day last summer we just hung out with the bears and played in the Arctic Frontier! We had so much fun and this reflects the way she says the name. I have made a polar bear from a regular bear, but I just didn't want to do it again on this one so I kept it simple with a few brads.

This is a layout from my niece's bday celebration last summer. I love the soft colors with the darker pictures. Again, just a title, journaling and some brads. I have used the only trampoline cut before and I didn't want to duplicate. I hate putting flowers or hearts when they really don't apply!

More to come...I love summer.

Wednesday, June 6, 2012

Tball Layouts

I finally finished a bunch of tball layouts from last season. We are 4 games into this season so I really need to get my act together!

It's so hard to think of new ideas. I think I still have a few left from last season.
I had a lot of pictures from this game that I wanted to use so this layout is picture heavy! I used All Sports for the baseball boy.

I love this one! What tball player doesn't play in the dirt from time to time? Sports Mania for the baseballs.
Green, with red? Yeah, I know but I think it works because of the green grass. Besides, I can only use red, black and grey so much til I need a change.

I adore this sports kraft paper from Jillibean Soup. I really want to use it on every tball layout! I have been keeping them pretty simple and letting the pictures have the impact. And I can only make so many baseballs!

Tuesday, June 5, 2012

A Simple Skirt...with a twist

I adore this tutorial for a Simple Skirt. I have made it a few times and instructed a friend (once at midnight via Facebook chat) how to make it twice. It's so easy but you can make subtle changes to make them different.
This time I used some light corduroy that I got on clearance and added some lace that I also got on clearance. This is probably a $5 skirt altogether! Yay clearance!

I love how this little bit of lace peeks out of the cut flower fabric. The fabric is so soft and I think it'll be a good summer skirt even though it's corduroy.
And a bow, of course. Not complete without a bow!

I can't wait to have my niece wear it! It seems a little long so I have my fingers crossed that it's not an awkward length!