Wednesday, June 20, 2012

4th of July Ruffle Skirt

4th of July is fast becoming one of my favorite holidays! I love watching fireworks with my family and I insist that everyone wears red, white and blue--well atleast the kids! So to ensure that I bought my niece the traditional flag tank top from Old Navy and bought some fabric to make her a ruffle skirt.
Whatcha think???? It's not perfect--I can't really cut straight so some of my ruffles are longer than the others and you can see the navy blue underskirt in a few spots--however, when my niece is flouncing around in it watching fireworks and playing with sparklers, noone will care! I had to stinking remove stitches in several spots while sewing this skirt because I caught the underskirt or another ruffle when sewing. Grrr! I was so angry!
I can't wait to try it on my niece and make sure it fits! The last skirt that I made her was a little big and she has a huge problem if the skirt is pulled up to her belly button so I want to make sure this one is perfect, even if it means picking some more stitches to shorten the elastic!
I got all of my fabric on sale and I only had to use a small section of it for each ruffle--I could probably make 3 more skirts if I wanted to!

Speaking of that other cute is this little lady wearing my beautiful creation!
Oh, how I adore her!


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