Tuesday, June 5, 2012

A Simple Skirt...with a twist

I adore this tutorial for a Simple Skirt. I have made it a few times and instructed a friend (once at midnight via Facebook chat) how to make it twice. It's so easy but you can make subtle changes to make them different.
This time I used some light corduroy that I got on clearance and added some lace that I also got on clearance. This is probably a $5 skirt altogether! Yay clearance!

I love how this little bit of lace peeks out of the cut flower fabric. The fabric is so soft and I think it'll be a good summer skirt even though it's corduroy.
And a bow, of course. Not complete without a bow!

I can't wait to have my niece wear it! It seems a little long so I have my fingers crossed that it's not an awkward length!


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