Wednesday, August 10, 2011

4 More Layouts!

I am just chugging along on my 2010 book. I think I will get it all finished before 2011 is over but I'm not too sure. I have made amazing progress this summer and I am just so excited with how it is turning out!

Today I have four more layouts to share that I have finished over the last few days.

This one is really simple. It's super hard to see the title on the left side in this picture but it stands out a lot more in real life. I used Feeling Groovy on the title and for that funky shape above it.

Last summer, I took my niece over to visit my nephew (they are not related) and they had sooooo much fun cruising round and round the yard in his awesome orange racecar. My niece practiced her princess wave the whole time! I used Boys Will Be Boys for everything.
I made this next layout with Hello Kitty Greetings--a cartridge that I was desperate to have and have barely used it! Today I made twin little cheerleaders to go with the twins in the pictures!
  I love the little Hello Kitty's! And I really love the flip shape so they can mirror each other!
And finally, I have half of the layouts done from my nephew's (a different nephew than above!) 3rd birthday party. He did the Spongebob theme so I painstackingly pieced together a Spongebob tonight. It wasn't so bad since I cut him at about 6 inches and I love how this layout turned out.

T-minus-9 days til I go back to work!


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