Friday, February 18, 2011

Blog Award

Ellen at honored me with a blog award! Thank you soooo much!
The Liebster Love Blog award is designed to recognize bloggers who have fewer than 300 followers but whose work deserves gigantic praise.  To accept the award, I am to spread the love by recognizing up to five blogs whose work I follow and admire -- sort of a chain letter of love!  I'm pleased to pass this honor on to the following:


  1. Awe, You're so sweet!!

    Thank you!!!

  2. Congrats on your award,
    now a follower

  3. Thank you so much!!! Love your blog too, I am now following you.

  4. thank you so much for stoppin in my blog... sorry it took so long to thank you but i have not been on my blog for a while and i didn't notice that you comment on my mini.... i appreciate the award,,, now how i pick it up for my blog im clueless