Tuesday, February 15, 2011

Oh, Twine! How I Love Thee!

After seeing a bunch of projects with twine, I knew I had to have some! I ordered both sampler sets from The Twinery and it is gorgeous! It took me a little while for me to decide on a big project to feature the twine. I have used it on some Easter cards that I will post later, but I wanted something that was TWINE!

Here goes.

A few nights ago, right before I went to bed, I thought I would use the green twine to make a stem on a base of kraft paper and then make a big paper flower the next day using my Cricut. However, I then decided that I wanted to make an entire flower with twine! I sketched the flower shape on my base and proceeded to twist and shape the twine into the flower. Naturally, being crazy, I had to finish it right then!

At that point, I liked it, but the flower looked unfinished and you could see a few spots of pencil on the paper...which doesn't erase very well on that paper. I got the bright idea to outline it in the pink twine and I think it was a perfect touch! I used grass and the butterfly from Create a Critter and Recollections All Girl paper.

Few more pictures.
I hope you enjoy my flower! Eventually I am going to put a sentiment on it--as soon as I find someone worthy of my twine flower!


  1. That is sooo cool! I would love to see how you made that!

  2. Great card, love it!

    Looking forward to doing the Motions & Folds hop with you!


  3. Oh Amanda, LOVELY card!! I've got a ZILLION yards of twine, having bought it in a massive bulk from a bakery supply store. I just may have to try this technique out as soon as I find the patience to do so.

    BEFORE I FORGET TO MENTION, please hop over to my blog to claim yet another award for your great blog. It's the LIEBSTER LOVE BLOG award -- I know, I've never heard of it either, but a Google search shows it's been around for quite a while, circling the Earth in search of terrific blogs with fewer than 300 followers. So before you cross that mark, I figured I'd let it land on YOU ... WELL-DESERVED, my friend!


  4. Beautiful card and such a great idea! I inherited a big box of twines and threads and now I have some inspiration! Great work!