Monday, January 2, 2012

I finally used my Cricut Cake!

Why is it that I am in my last day of a 13 day vacation and I have barely had a moment to do anything crafty? Ugh.

I decided the other night that I was going to break out the Cricut Cake. I was so excited to buy it and I haven't had anytime/motivation to learn how to use it. And really, I didn't have anything to bake to use it. It's not like I want to make a giant cake for me and the hubs, who doesn't even like cake! He does love pie and wanted me to make him a blackberry pie. So I broke out Craft Room (which I only kind of like but I am trying to use it more often) and designed a little topper to our pie.
It cut out really well. I do think that my dough was just a little too thick but otherwise it looked great.

Then I had to do the hard part...transfer it to the pie! Well, my poor name just couldn't take the stress and sort of fell apart!

I learned a few things for my next time using it.
1. Don't cut so close to the edge of the dough.
2. Use simpler fonts with less thin sports.
3. Don't cut my name becasue it's too complex! :)

Here is the finished product!

Not the neatest and not perfect...but it tasted yummy and gave me a chance to use my Cake. I vow to use it more often and get better before my nieces 3rd birthday in March and my nephew's 5th birthday only a week later!


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