Monday, January 16, 2012

Buckeye Bucket

My husband's boss--the only boss he has had in his nearly 7 years as a CAD drafter--left the company last week and we wanted to do something as a thank you for him. He shares our love of the Buckeyes and I have been etching everything I can get my hands on, so we decided to put together some OSU glasses and other things for him.
I used Varsity Letter to cut the Block O in contact paper, transferred it to the glass and left the etching cream on for about 30 minutes. The one in the picture is the best one--some of the others had spots where the cream got under the contact paper. Even though it is really inexpensive compared to expensive vinyl, sometimes I think vinyl is a better option. The contact paper that I have isn't very sticky and I have problems getting to it fully stick to the glass. Also, I may have been rushing a bit to get it done and didn't take my time. In any case, they weren't too bad; especially since the glasses were only $1 at Dollar Tree.

We put the four glasses, coasters and a bottle opener in an OSU button, tied some cute OSU, scarlet and grey ribbon on it and threw in a football notecard that I made using Sports Mania and some OSU paper. My hubby wrote a nice little note on the back and gave it to his boss. His boss loved it and said it would match perfectly with his other bar stuff!


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