Saturday, February 4, 2012

A New Crafty Adventure

Well, I decided that I wanted to sew. Why, you ask? I have no idea! I kept seeing stuff that other people were sewing and I wanted to give it a try. After Christmas I bought a sewing machine and just started sewing! The first day that I got it out of the box, it took me forever to get it started and I tried to sew a purse. Wildly unsuccessful, but I had fun doing it! I ended up making a few flowers and calling it a night. The next day, I bought a pattern for an apron and successful sewed it. The stitching is crooked, I messed up several times and I was stressed out--but having tons of fun!

Today I took on a new sewing adventure. I found the coolest thing on Pinterest (love that place!)--it's a bapron...or a baby apron. I don't have kids but a couple of the ladies I work with said they would love one for their daughters. Using this tutorial and pattern I gave it a shot.

Here is my first one: I followed everything exactly as states in the tutorial.

Cute right? I used a fat quarter that I bought for $1.27 at Walmart, some bias tape and some cloth for the backing. If you added it up, it probably cost $4 in materials!

Well, the two little ones that I am making it for are a little older and I thought this one looked a little small to me. I used my (new!) printer to enlarge the pattern and added a few extra inches to the bias tape measures and came up with this one. Also, someone online made one that was reversible so I did it too!

I love how it came out! I am sure that the ladies at work will love them too!

Now, if I can only find enough time to sew, scrapbook, use my very neglected Cricut cake, teach my students and do my own college schoolwork. Ha. That probably explains my long absence in the bloggy world!

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  1. Those are adorable! I'm sure the recipients will love them!

    Don't you wish there were many more hours in the day to do all the crafty things you want? There are just too many choices! I admire you for taking on another challenge and doing it so well!