Thursday, January 27, 2011


I read everyday...always before bed and often at work. I am a substitute teacher (who is desperately searching for a full-time position) and I always read during my lunch and any free time. I usually just use a post-it note or random scrap of paper for a bookmark. The other day I decided that I needed to make a bookmark and knew that I had to use the worm from Create a Critter! I have been called a bookworm for as long as I can remember so it was fitting.

I used Sweet Treats to make the bookmark--which of course is just a basic rectangle, but I wanted it to be cut perfect, which is not something I always do! I hid the hole in it and then punched my own hole and set an eyelet with my Crop-a-Dile. Ribbon is from Michael's and the letters are from Lyrical Letters.

When I mentioned it to my hubby, I was shocked to here him say that he wanted one too! He usually reads one time a day and often uses a little scrap of paper in his book, too! So I used Sports Mania for the helmet and Varsity Letter for the words on his. Unfortunetly, I had to make his in the very ugly colors of the Cleveland Browns instead of the beautiful colors of MY Super Bowl bound Steelers!

I am pleased with how they turned out--hubby even wants his laminated!

Now, I just have to finish my little Valentine cards for those nephews and I will post them and the mailboxes.


  1. I love your little bookworm! It would make me happy every time I looked at it. Hubby's is cool too, even if, like you said, it is the Browns. I would have to make the Chargers LOL.

  2. Hubby didn't want a cute little ribbon on his bookmark? Your bookmarks are too cute! The Steelers are our favorite team, too! :)

  3. Hubby said no to ribbon! He is no fun at all!

  4. I love you, Amanda! I'm a Steelers fan too! Who are the Browns?? :) My bad! Love the bookmarks! TFS

  5. Cute bookmarks!! I'm going to make one for my hubby who uses anything that he finds handy!! Including my stuff.

    You have a new follower =)

    Carolyn Mendoza-Canales