Wednesday, January 19, 2011

Cards for Soldiers

Until I got my Cricut in April, I had never really made cards. I was purely a scrapbooker who started a lot of projects and lost my spirit to finish them. Or I would make the books for other people and usually not for myself. I do have a few nice books for myself, but that was all pre-Cricut. I have yet to make a complete book using my Cricut, but I am starting an All About Me book that I hope to actually finish.

But once I started looking at everyone's beautiful cards on the message board, I thought I should start doing it too. I also joined the Cards for Soldiers group and I have to say, I love making cards. The instant gratification is amazing and I can finish a project in no time! I am also able to use so many cuts from my cartridges that I may not get to use very often in a scrapbook, especially if it has a particular theme.

I wanted to post a few of my favorite cards that I made for the last batch that I sent. I don't have cut sizes or anything because I made them before I started blogging!

I especially like these cards because the licensed characters can be amazingly hard to make. Abby, Cookie and Elmo are from Sesame Street Friends and Zoe is from Sesame Street Seasons.

So I usually use a lot of bright colors, so these are a bit of a departure for me. I free-handed the stems on the one with the buttons and I wish I had better artist skills because I love the concept. I guess I will need to practice! The flower pitcher is from Country Life and the owl is one of my favorite cuts from Create a Critter.

Finally, here are some birthday cards I made. Back to the bright colors! I think the little cupcake is from Sweet Treats, but I can't remember. The cake saying is a pure scraplift and I love how it turned out; also from Sweet Treats, I think. Hippo is from Create a Critter and turtle is from Birthday Bash.

I hope you enjoyed my cards because I know I had a great time making them. I love the feeling I get when I send them off, knowing that a soldier and his/her family are enjoying them!


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