Thursday, January 20, 2011

Crafting Tools??

So I think that the people who create crafting tools inflate the prices on things because they know that crafters will buy them, especially if it makes their life easier, prettier or more organized. I don't like to spend extra money on tools or organization items than I have to, so I try to find items around the house that are benefical in my crafting.

For example, I use the clamps that my husband and I bought at Sears for wood working to hold on my buttons while the glue dries. I can just clamp that on and work on something else while it dries.

I also bought my containers for eyelets and brads in the fishing department. The same thing in the craft department was nearly twice as much. I also bought a large one to store my cartridges in and I couldn't be happier. I also buy any plastic containers at Walmart, as opposed to the "craft" ones at Michael's or Hobby Lobby. Today, I saw one at Joann's for nearly $7 that was only $3 at Walmart.

I'd rather save my money on the organizing so I can spend my money on cartridges, paper and ribbon! Like my newest cartridge, Disney Classics, which I used last night to make two cards.

(Ignore the non-editted pictures, I didn't feel like doing them tonight.)


  1. Oh I agree. If I can save money for cartridges I am all over that.
    I found something to save money to share with you. Have you seen these homemade wobblers?
    I love the wobblers but they cost 30 for each one.I hope you like this link.
    Thanks for becoming a follower and the sweet comment.

  2. So how do you store your cartridges? I am new to using Cricut machine and want a good storage system! Can you post a picture? Cute stuff you have made!!