Sunday, January 23, 2011


Although I have only recently gone crazy with craft supplies, including cartridges and Cuttlebug folders, I have changed how I store my stuff several times. When I had five cartridges it was easy to locate them, now I have almost 40 and I had to have a new solution. I was keeping them in a little plastic container without a lid. After dropping it several times I knew I needed a better solution. Of course, I didn't want to spend a lot of money so I went to my favorite fishing section at Walmart and picked up a plastic tackle box with dividers.

I organized my cartridges into four basic categories: full content shape cartridges, lite cartridges, licensed cartridges and font cartridges. I alphabetized each category and put them in the box that way, starting in the bottom left and going up. There is one big compartment only the right, which is where I put my font cartridges. I will be able to stack them 3 high if necessary and then I will label them on the lid. I don't want to create the labels now because I want to keep them in ABC order as long as possible.

Here is a picture of the inside:

Not counting the spot where I keep the font cartridges, it will hold 54 cartridges. It works really well for me and I am able to quickly access my cartridges.

I also recently went on a Cuttlebug folder buying frenzy and needed a way to store them. I found Okieladybug's folders (A2 Cuttlebug Folders) and wanted to use her file, but I don't have either of the cartridges she used. So, using her measurements, I made my own file using the Opposites Attract cartridge and this is what my new Cuttlebug storage looks like.
And finally, the cartridge handbooks were driving me crazy! I couldn't find a way to store them neatly and organized for quick access. The solution was so easy! I bought a photo box with paper dividers and arranged them in the same way as the cartridges were in the box. It was so simple and didn't take any time at all to complete!

Tomorrow (today I guess!) I am going to Michael's to get two more Jetmax cubes to finish up my teeny, tiny corner of the living room so I should be organized completely this week! 


  1. This is just what I was looking for! I just got a Cricut machine for Christmas and now have 20 cartridges and didn't know how to store them! I am addicted!! What a great storage solution you have shown me! THANKS so much!!!

  2. I love the idea for the cricut book. I have a lot and I love seeing all the boxes on the shelf but it would be nice to have all the books in one place to look through. Thanks for the idea. You were the winner of my blog hop. Watch your email.