Wednesday, June 22, 2011

Simple Scrapper

I have come to accept that I am a simple scrapper. I don't do a lot of embellishments and I like my pictures in a linear, organized fashion. I realize that means it might be kind of boring to look at my books, but I just like to make sure we can see the pictures and the embellishments are just an added bonus. But I digress from my original purpose, which was to show some of the layouts that I have been working on. Some of the pictures are kind of terrible--it's raining and I have to take the pictures inside so I have some glare.

I had this one done except for a picture of my hubby with his blurays. I just got that printed today so I finished it up. It's simple and just used a little bit of Cricut with the font and the grill from Everyday Paper Dolls.
Here is a layout from our party shopping trip the day before my niece's 1st birthday. I used her fleece jacket for my inspiration and went with hearts that I cut from Doodlecharms and Rock Princess. The font is Base Camp and Rock Princess.
These two double page layouts go together for a Memorial Day cookout and fishing trip. The titles are a cute lil jingle that my sister's and I made up a long time ago when we fished (every weekend) at this pond. "Fishy, Fishy in the brook. Come jump on my hook!" I cut the fish from Everyday Paper Dolls and used a variety of cartridges for the font, including Nate's ABCs, Birthday Bash, Robotz and Lyrical Letters.

My hubby volunteered to go outside in the rain to get me fishing line so I could use it in my fishing pole. I think it's sooo cute and the perfect touch. My hubby is so awesome!
That sums it up. I have 16 more pages to do with the pictures that I have printed which will finish me up through mid-June 2010.


  1. Fellow "simple scrappers" unite! I think your layouts are awesome :)

  2. your layouts are amazing & so is your hubby! lol :p

  3. I, too, am a simple scrapbooker. I can't pull off shabby chic, ultra trendy or anything else like that. And I'm thrilled to meet other simple scrapbookers!!! Great job on those LOs!