Monday, March 19, 2012

Flowers and Polka Dots

Saturday after I finished my sister's purse, I started (and finished!) a dress for my niece. I used a Simplicity pattern that I got at Joann's a while ago when they had them all for $1!

I adjusted a few things to fit what I like and I think that it turned out pretty good!
When I matched up the floral and the dots, I thought they were an exact match. However, after I started stitching away, I realized that the dots were a bit more bold and bright in the green color than the floral. I keep looking at it and being kind of frustrated, but I think it will be okay--who is going to tell a 3 year old that she doesn't match!
I added navy blue bias tape to the arm holes and the ruffly sleeves. I think the boldness and the structure that it gives the top of the dress. I had to kind of go stitch crazy on that part because I should have added the sleeves before I stitched on the sleeves, but alas, I didn't and it's a little stitch crazy! Again, who is going to critique the little lady's dress?

See what I mean about the greens? It kinda drives me crazy but I think I can let it go...especially because I am NOT ripping that dress apart!

And an outfit is not complete without the matching hair clip! I really think that my favorite part about sewing...I can make hair clips to coordinate perfectly and the whole look will be complete!

My mom has requested a new bag to take to work--she works in a factory so I am going to try to find some heavy duty fabric that fits my mom's not-so-girly personality and make her a nice tote bag!

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  1. You are quite the seamstress! Love the dress! You are certainly a thoughtful aunt. TFS!