Tuesday, March 27, 2012

Paisley Purse

After I made a purse for my littlest sister, my middle sister wanted one too! I used a pattern that I bought at Joann's during their $.99 sale and some paisley fabric that I bought on clearance at Walmart.
I feel like the pictures are a little misleading on the color of the purse. It's much brighter in person--I feel as if it looks a little pastel in the pictures.

I has some pleats on the front and back has contrast band and handles.

Oddly, I used the interfacing on the lining and not on the actual purse. If making again, I believe that I would stablize both pieces. Maybe it's just because the fabric that I picked is pretty light, but it feels kind of droopy and light to me---but it will probably be better when there is something in it!

I added the buttons with embrodiery floss and called it complete! My sister loves it which makes me happy!

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  1. Very nice job! The purse is so pretty!--Pat N.