Wednesday, May 16, 2012

Handmade Baby Gift

The sweet guidance counselor at the school where I have worked all school year is having a baby this summer. Some of the teachers and I are throwing her a baby shower next week and I wanted to sew her up some baby gifts.

I used a few tutorials online for my gifts. First, I used this tutorial to make a soft, cozy blanket. I got the brown minky onsale for 50% off and I only ended up using half of the yard. The green and brown dot fabric was on clearance at Joann's. Basically the blanket cost me about $5 in materials and not very much time.

So simple. Cut 2 rectangles, sew right sides together leaving an open to turn. Flip it and topstitch--Finished!

A note: Apparently you can't iron minky. Mine was embossed with dots and when I ironed it (not knowing I wasn't supposed to) the dots disappeared. Grrrr.

Next, I made some burp cloths. I used this tutorial because I couldn't resist the soft fabric on the back. This blue minky (is all the soft material called minky? i don't know...but it's really soft) was on clearance for $4 for a piece that was 30x36--but really it was an inch short which threw my game off, but whatever. The outside fabric was on clearance for 96cents per fat quarter, which made 2 burp cloths and a little bit leftover.

I followed the tutorial exactly and it worked amazing! I love how they turned out. I also made the band for the outside to class it up! :) I didn't really measure to make it...just did what I thought looked the best.

I also made a tag blanket...well, it's not a blanket because it's little. I think I like it. I wish I would have made the ribbons smaller so I need to dwell on how I feel about it some more.

I love the color combo on this gift set! So pretty for a baby boy.
I also made a swaddle blanket from some brown and white checked flannel.It was really hard to take a picture of it without a baby.

I can't wait to give it to her next week! I am sure she will love it!

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  1. Very creative! This made me think if I can make my own baby gifts. It's more economical and has a personal touch to it.