Tuesday, May 22, 2012

New and Improved Camera Strap

I finally decided to make a pretty strap for my camera--I have been wanting to make one since I started sewing and I finally accomplished it yesterday. I didn't really have a direction with this. I just make a tube with the fabric and eyeballed the rest. And apparently, my eyeballing was crappy because I cut it too short or something so I had to add on a bit at the end.
But I ended up really liking the pink on the ends--breaks up the dark fabric and brings out the pink a little bit more.
I just used the camera strap from my old camera and covered it. I actually sewed my fabric to the strap  unlike other tutorials I have seen.

Wish I could take a picture of it on my camera...it looks so cute! But alas, the junky camera's batteries are deader than a doornail and I haven't a clue where the charger is! I bought some big D rings and, as soon as I can find a small enough clip, I am going to make a longer, wider strap.


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