Friday, July 13, 2012

Ladybug Cake

Recently I was asked by my cousin's wife to make a cake for their daughter's 1st birthday. I have only ever made cakes for my niece's birthdays:

I was a little nervous. The only thing she said was that she wanted it tiered and the theme was ladybugs. Instantly, I sketched up some ideas, found a few inspiration cakes on Pinterest and started thinking about it. I was quite excited. I decided on a round cakes, covered in fondant and decorated with some cute fondant grass, flowers and ladybugs. I have the beautiful red Cricut cake that barely gets used and couldn't wait to get started.

Problem #1: Big rain/wind/thunder/lightning storm hit my county HARD. Most of the county was without power starting on Friday night--party was the following Sunday (9 days later). Wasn't sure that I would be able to pull this off if we didn't get our power by Tuesday/Wednesday at the very latest. Mom gets power back on Sunday--devise a Plan B that would allow me to go to her house and do my cake. However, my power comes back on Monday so I can stay home! Yay!

Problem #2: Record heat (think 100s with heat index in 110s) and no central A/C. Heat and fondant/icing don't mix. Did most of my work in the middle of the night when it was merely 85 degrees in my kitchen.

Problem #3: 1 hour drive to deliver cake in said heat. It "broke" to mid 90's on party day so that was a relief.

Problem #4: A goopy cream cheese icing recipe. I really need to practice/devise a better cream cheese icing that is the consistency of buttercream.

So despite all of the problems that I faced, I was able to make a cake that I was mostly proud of. It doesn't have grass or flowers, but it does have ladybugs!
I wanted the 1 to stand on the top...couldn't make that happen, but all in all, it's decent. You can see the fondant buckling on the top tier--that's because of the cream cheese icing on the red velvet cake.

She also wanted a smash cake for Miss Ella.
I was pretty proud of my ladybug! I baked the cakes in Pyrex bowls, then just shaped the head and decorated.
She smashed it! But didn't take one single bite! It was such a yummy strawberry cake! :)

I am my own worst critic, but everyone else thought it was great! And the birthday girl is such a doll--so no one was really looking at the cake!


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