Monday, July 30, 2012

One Pagers

Do you do one page layouts? My scrappy friends think I am crazy for doing one page layouts. They all do 2 related page layouts everytime. Sometimes I just don't have enough quality pictures for two pagers or I am trying to conserve space. For example, I have gone to every tball game of my nephew in the last two seasons--if I did a two pager for each game my book would be so much thicker--it's already thick enough! And I like to do each game chronologically instead of doing like a two pager to show the whole season.

Anyway, here are a few of one pagers that I have completed in the last few weeks. It took me forever to remember to take a picture during the day when it wasn't raining!

My niece's visit to Santa at the zoo.

My silly niece and nephew rolling down the hill. This one seems a little incomplete to me but I just don't know what it needs!

My niece playing in a fun little house at the zoo. I just love all of her facial expressions on this page!

Yum, frozen yogurt! Too bad I called it ice cream--same thing right???

Sometimes I just think one pagers are cute!

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