Wednesday, March 30, 2011

Happy Opening Day!

Tomorrow is baseball's opening day and my household supports the Cincinnati Reds! A month or so ago I was making a baseball card and my husband asked if I was going to make him an opening day card--I blew off his suggestion, all the while thinking about it! It slipped my mind until today so I whipped one up while we were watching tv together. He is literally an arm's length away from me and I made the card without him knowing! I am going to leave it with his lunch in the morning and I am sure he will be surprised!

I made the Cincinnati logo using a 'c' from Nate's ABCs, which I stretched and welded on a triangle to the back of it. I cut the 'Reds' from Varsity Letter and hide some of the lines so it would cut a block shape. I tweaked the logo using scissors and I think it turned out pretty well. I can notice a little weirdness at the top but I doubt that hubby will notice! I cut everything twice--once white and then black and glued them together to get the shadow. I also handcut the red background to fit around the logo.

I cut the baseball from Sports Mania and used my Sew Easy to make the stitches. I used a pinstripe background paper like some of the uniforms the Reds wear--those are some of my husband's favorites! Double mounting it with the red and black also adds the effect of the trim on the uniform.
I stamped the sentiment "When life throws you a curve ball, SWING!" Yes, of course, it is a 'Thinking of You' type of sentiment but I also think it works for opening day!

My husband is going to be so impressed (everything I do impresses him!) and I hope that he puts it up in his very boring, very tan cubicle at his office!!!

Go Reds!

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  1. woo hoo go reds!!! I love your card! Gotta love cincy!