Sunday, March 13, 2011

Reese's 4th Birthday

Today my nephew had his 4th birthday party and I had the honor of making his cake. His dad and stepmom (which sounds weird to call her that because she is my hubby's sister and I don't think I have ever called her his stepmom before!) bought me a fancy cupcake book for Christmas and I decided I needed to make him the racecar cake because he is a car fanatic! Well, he really wanted a Mario cake. Even before I considered it, I said I could make Mario out of fondant. I have absolutely never made anything out of fondant before but I had a picture and pure determination and was successful at making a Mario head for the racecar.
I worked on that silly Mario for two hours! I had to blend five different colors and sculpt him using the back of a paintbrush and a craft knife! If this is going to be a more common thing, I will have fondant tools and (maybe) a Cricut cake!

Here is the whole racecar cake with the birthday boy.

Reese, who eats NOTHING! but chicken nuggets and french fries, even bit off Mario's nose and ate the white label from his hat!

My husband really wanted to get Reese a good Nerf football for his birthday, so we stuck with the sports theme and got him a tee-ball glove and a Cincinnati Reds squishy bat and ball. Of course, I had to make a sports themed card to match.
I made the glove match the one that we got him, which was black and grey. I used Boys Will Be Boys cartridge for the card. This is the first time I have used it and I really like it. I also used a bit of orange twine and embossed the red paper.
I also used a pop dot under the football to make it stand out from the other ones. This is actually the first time I have used one--I know, I know. Really?

Here are a few more pictures at the party when some of us snuck outside to use the new toys.

It was a great experience to make the little man's cake and I hope to work with more fondant in the future.


  1. Your cake is go girl! He sure looks happy with the bat you gave him...don't you love those nerf toys?! TFS!

    Carol aka cyimbugbitten

  2. That cake is awesome--and so is your card. Sounds like a wonderful day of memories!!