Monday, March 7, 2011

A Tinkerbell Party

I love being an aunt soooo much! I would do anything for my three nieces and two nephews and I love to make things for them, both on holidays and just because!
This little lady turned two yesterday and my mom thought I could make her birthday cake! We have been talking about it for a while and I have been formulating ideas---aka obsessing over it---for a few weeks. I thought of a cute design that showcased Tinkerbell and was supposed to use fondant. I planned on putting a paper Tinkerbell on the cake and then handcutting letters out of fondant. Fast forward to Friday night and too sticky fondant--Cricut had to take over! (In my dreams I had a Cricut cake and pre-made fondant!)

I precut Tinkerbell and the letters, baked two 11x13 white cakes, made strawberry filling and buttercream icing, leveled the cake, filled it, stacked the two cakes and fully iced them before transporting them an hour to my mom's to decorate!

My niece was so interested in watching me decorate and it made any stress disappear! She kept saying "My cake!" and "It's beautiful!" She sat on my husband's lap for the entire time and watched everything I did. Of course, she was rewarded with some icing!

Here is the finished project and a few more pictures of the birthday party!


  1. Well worth all the effort!!

  2. Amanda,
    Super cute. Your neice is adorable

  3. Oh...your cake turned out beautifully! I know the birthday girl (such a cutie) was thrilled! How blessed she is to have such a wonderful, thoughtful aunt!