Friday, December 23, 2011

Baby Boy Layout and Steelers Mug

Yay for vacation! I have been off of work for 2 days and I finally had time to papercraft. Lately I have been working on Christmas projects and have not been able to scrap at all. Yesterday, I spent about an hour digging out my desk and sorting my scraps. When I could finally see some white I knew that I would be able to get something accomplished!

I started on a baking layout but I haven't finished it yet. I am going to have a scrappy night with my friends while on Christmas break so I vow to embellish the layouts that I have finished! But for today, I completed a layout of my gorgeous baby nephew, Dexter, on the day of his birth.
How cute is he? Love everything about him!

I used Nate's ABCs, Create a Critter and B is for Boy for the title and used that as my main focal point (other than the pictures, of course). I added all of his birth stats and a little sentence because he shares a birthday with my brother!

I also finished a mug for my mom's boyfriend. We are doing a gift exchange with the adults and I drew his name. The only thing he ever wants is a gift card for Hot Wheels, of which he has a massive collection! I have been wanted to glass etch forever and make big glasses with the Steelers logo on it.

Love how it turned out! I am still working on my etching technique. I have to leave it on for a long time and I still get little imperfections but I still love it!

Because he doesn't drink, I decided to make his mug into a candy dish and put his gift card in it. I made a quick envelope out of football paper, added some Rolos (closest to team colors as I could find at Wally) and it makes an awesome gift!

Tomorrow I have like 4 more things to etch for gifts...can't wait to see how they turn out!


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