Tuesday, December 6, 2011

Flowers in Her Hair...

That is so lyrics to a song but I have no idea what one! Anyway, I have been making some super cute flower hair bows in the last few days. Thanks to Pinterest, I found a great blog with a step-by-step instructions on how to make one out of a t-shirt. I had one t-shirt that I have had since high school that I kept because it was the first shirt I had with Smitty's Girl on it--an homage to my now-hubby! Anyway, I decided that it would look great as a flower bow.

Whatcha think?
I love it! Here is the tutorial I used. So easy and so cute and sooooo cheap!
I also used that same tutorial to make one of out regular fabric. Of course, you can see the underside of the fabric but I like the casual nature of it.
To change it up, I put a headband in my hair and clipped the flower on it. On this one, I also added an extra row of folded up flowers for more fullness since it was a thinner fabric.

I used a different tutorial found here to make a different type of flower. I need to print the template and use it because my flower is a little flat and somewhat wonky but I like it nonetheless.

I put a few beads on thread and sewed it in the middle. I can't wait to do this one up right because I am sure that I can make a much better one. And I bought a little bit of purple satin to try one as well. Can't wait!

Stay tuned for more flowers!


  1. Those are cute!

    Bloggin the crafts

  2. Beautiful flowers, Amanda! Very nice. That song you're talking about is by The Cowsills called "I love the Flower Girl." (Boy, did that bring back some memories for me!) You can find it on youtube and listen to it!--Pat N.