Sunday, December 11, 2011

More flowers!

I have the most boring hair...I either have it straight and down, tucked behind my ear or in a ponytail. I rarely do anything different. So lately I have been making some accessories to jazz it up a little bit! I posted some adorable flowers that I made the other day and now I have some rolled flowers that I put on no-sew braided headbands. I got the tutorial here via Pinterest. I am in love with that site...I have gotten loads of ideas from it!

Here are my two headbands for today. I am going to get some more fabric and make them for my gorgeous nieces for Christmas.

I think they turned out so cute and they were simple to make! I want to get some regular headbands and wrap them and add pretty flowers to them as well. Also, I think that my mom-in-law would love the flower addition to a cardigan so I am thinking about doing that and giving it to her for Christmas. Let's hope I can get it all accomplished, along with some massive Christmas baking that I need to do for family get-together this weekend.


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