Thursday, May 19, 2011

It's DONE!!!

I am so done with my OSU scrapbook! I think it was about a month ago that my mom told me she got OSU ribbon on clearance and I decided that I had to finally make my book from the games in 2009. I have posted my other pages previously here, here and here if you would like to take a look. And, here are the pages for the last two games and the closing page.

This is for our game against New Mexico State on Halloween:

Here are the pages from the Iowa Hawkeyes game that earned The Bucks a trip to the Rose Bowl:

And, the final page of the book!

I love this last page, especially the picture of hubby when I forced him to smile with his teeth! Such a cute face!

When I look back at the book, I wonder if it is too plain and boring. But then I realized I designed it that way in my handy-dandy idea book. I didn't want the fluff and bling--it is a football book after all! I have always been a linear scrapper and it's hard to break the mold. I am going to start scrapping pictures in 2010 (if I start with old pictures I will never get caught up!) and I will be a "fancy" scrapper. My pictures will always be the focus but I plan to use more layering, diecuts and embellishing!


  1. Wow, it is really amazing. You worked your little katooshkis off I bet for this one.
    Go Bucks!

  2. Hmm, what will be in store for the Buckeyes after losing Jim Tressel? Why of course they'll get it all together and be strong again. I was born in Columbus so will always root for the Buckeyes.......that being said from the heart of Penn State country. Still, I wear my Ohio State sweatshirt proudly. And I love the simplicity and linear lines of your scrapbook.