Sunday, May 1, 2011

OSU Scrapbook, Pg 4-11

I have 8 more pages from my OSU book that I was able to put the finishing touches on this weekend! I am just loving the way it is turning out. I have really missed scrapping and I am going to start working on my 2010 book. I decided not to start way back at 01 when I moved out or I will never catch up!

Anyway, here are the pages from two football games, USC and Illinois.

I used Sports Mania and Lyrical Letters on the cuts on these pages from the USC game. It was our first game at night at The Shoe and we had tons of fun!

It was pouring rain for the Illinois game and we huddled under the scoreboard to stay out of the rain. We sat in a section that was general admission and we always sat up there anyway, but for this game we had tons of "friends." Again, I used Sports Mania. I used the soccer scoreboard and modified it tons to fit my needs. I also used Everyday Paper Dolls to make the replicas of me and Travis. I also used Nate's ABCs for the rainboots and Pooh and Friends (I think) for the umbrella and raindrops. I also have touches of twine and ribbon throughout to add some dimension.

Thanks for looking and more to come!


  1. Fantastic layouts! All the pages look great, I love the colors

  2. Great LO...awesome pics. I really loved the scoreboard page. so detailed! GO BUCKS